Story Coaching

ValleyWe will help you traverse the storytelling terrain.

We train leaders in the effective use of storytelling. A great leader is almost always a great storyteller.

People pay attention to stories. A good story will draw in even the most hard to reach employee, student, or community member.

Some people mistakenly use storytelling as a gimmick, a way to get people’s attention before they put them to sleep with what they actually want to say.

In reality, storytelling is an opportunity to convey wisdom, knowledge, and hard-earned experience. It is a way to inspire and build trust. It is a way to help people see the light, get the point, think for themselves.

Storytelling is an indispensable skill for leaders.

As your executive-team storytelling coaches, we help answer storytelling questions and dilemmas and assist you in crafting stories that make a difference.

We will help you and your team concentrate on the important elements involved in storytelling, like context, style of delivery, timing, and discussion.

Let us be your storytelling coach.

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